Hook up line voltage thermostat, line voltage thermostats for heating & cooling

How to Wire a Line-Voltage Thermostat for a Baseboard Heater

Hook up line voltage thermostat

Even though these aren't overly sensitive chip-enabled programmable devices, you can still break them if you wire them wrong. Wirenut the two ground wires, adding a third ground wire. If you have to force the thermostat even to get the screws to touch the box, the wires aren't correctly folded in. But tonight I heard it running and I thought that was weird. Make Sure the Power Is Off.

The thermostat can be mounted directly on the heater itself, or it can be mounted on the wall so that the circuit wiring passes through the thermostat first on the way to the baseboard heater. Touching live line voltage wires risks death by electrocution as well as fire, shock, and equipment damage. Connecting a Volt heater to a Volt circuit will destroy the heater, could cause fire damage, personal injury or death, and, voids all warranties. Wherever it is located, connecting the line-voltage thermostat for an electric baseboard heater is a fairly easy task. They are cheap and easy to install, but you especially need to make sure you've got the wiring correct.

  • Line-voltage thermostat to match the voltage of the baseboard heater Wire connectors wire nuts Wire strippers Screwdriver.
  • If the thermostat is controlling a single heater, each lead will be attached to a single wire.
  • So I turned it off from the breaker since at the point I couldn't turn the dial off anymore than it was.

Wiring Programmable Line Voltage Heat-Only Hemostats

Specifications from granger. Enjoy the convenience of programming a thermostat from any location, using a simple graphical interface. Make the Ground Connections.

The simplest thermostat is called a line-voltage thermostat. If you've lost the wiring instructions for the thermostat you're wiring let me know and we'll help dig up that information. It operates much the same way as a dimmer switch providing variable control to a light fixture. Make sure to choose the type of thermostat specified by the baseboard heater.

Just looking for any help. This is a device that is installed in the wall where a conventional electrical receptacle would have been installed. You replace the line voltage thermostat with the switching relay, then add low voltage wire from a transformer to power the Nest or other low-voltage thermostat.

Honeywell says that the wiring hookup details are on the back of the unit's power module. But in researching wall thermostats we came across the combination line voltage wall thermostat for electric heat and wall receptacle combination shown in our photo left. Line-voltage thermostats come in many forms, and it is critical to choose one that matches the specifications of the baseboard heater. Other Honeywell line voltage thermostats and line voltage thermostats from other manufacturers, however should work fine where you want to add thermostat programmability, automatic setbacks, etc.

How to Hook Up a Home Thermostat


If it does have a green grounding lead, join this to the other circuit grounding wires. That third ground will attach to the device or you'll use the wire already on the device. Let's start with the end result. My place stays warmer than by itself so it should never cut on. Although programmable thermostats offer more control options, the wiring is done exactly the same way as for basic dial thermostats.

And indeed, a couch, curtains, or other combustibles should never be placed in front of an electric heater exactly because of the overheating and fire risk that you observed. You'll see in the WarmlyYours pages when the second line voltage wire comes into use. The black wires from the switch connect to the two wires or terminals from the electric baseboard.

Line Voltage Thermostats for Heating & Cooling

Is there a way to use that circuit to add a wall plug? And it has been off since the end of winter. This white wire will not be connected to the thermostat and will connect to the white neutral wire passing on to the baseboard heater. If you don't see that data you can also call Honeywell's tech support line at.

Hook up line voltage thermostat

If you're having a hard time screwing the thermostat into the box, it could be either that the wires inside the box are preventing the device from moving inward or something much simpler. Two hot wires, each carrying power, enter your box. Before you test your thermostat, replace the faceplate.

Unpackage the thermostat and carefully read the instructions and the wiring schematic. Guide to using a Nest or other Low Voltage Thermostat with a switching relay to replace a line voltage V or V room thermostat for electric heat, fan heaters, radiant floor heat, convector heaters. Bc had I not checked on it it could have caught fire.

No computer equipment or software is required. If you're not certain you know how to do this correctly and safely I would contact Honeywell owner of Aubetech or aubetch. Most diagrams show a three wire V coming from the boiler, how would you wire this with only two wires?

Install 240 V Line Voltage Thermostat For a Baseboard Heater

How to Install V Line Voltage Thermostat for Heater
HVAC Control

Not sure why this happened. The existing thermostat is V. Thank goodness you detected the condition and turned off power to the heater. The thermostat works by sensing the temperature of the room and controlling the amount of current that passes through the wires to the heater. Table stands are available.

How to Hook Up a Home Thermostat

The baseboard heater should start heating up. Complete the Installation. With double-pole thermostats, both hot wires entering the thermostat box are attached to the thermostat.

HVAC Control

Have I got the right Relay? Neutrals, wire-nutted to bypass thermostat and continue. Guide to line voltage thermostats V or V room thermostats for electric heat, fan heaters, radiant floor heat, tiger tiger dating convector heaters.

If you have your walls open and drywall down, install a wall thermostat. It is a wall thermostat that is intended to control a portable electric heater that is plugged into the wall where this device is installed. On by mod - Michael Having installed a numb er of Nest thermostats now, I'm still not an expert.

How to Wire a Thermostat for a Baseboard Heater

Convert Line Voltage Thermostat to Low Voltage Nest

Complete the wire connections on the baseboard heater, if this has not already been done. Complete the Bypass Connection. Failure to do so could result in serious electrical shock, burns or possible death.

The diagrams are confusing. Before you do anything, russian fdating turn off the circuit and verify that no power is flowing. On the Wall or the Baseboard? If it's not present I suspect it's not going to be used and you'd cap off that wire with a twist-on connector.

The thermostat was off or not set to a temp. The thermostat itself usually does not have any grounding connection. You might note that the wall thermostat may be a bit low on the wall and you won't want it too close to the heater itself or it'll be dominated by heat local to the heater. Typically, one is black, and the other is red. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.

How to Hook Up a Home Thermostat

Search the InspectApedia website. If you are wiring a volt baseboard heater, however, the white wire in the circuit will be a true neutral wire. Attach the other hot wire in this case, black to your device.

  1. All they do is connect and disconnect the power going to your heater.
  2. Can you tell me the brand and model of the heater?
  3. Use a wire nut to connect the white feed wire to the white outgoing wire s.
  4. Brief component descriptions are provided, along with updated contact and website details for most major manufacturers.
  5. Please review that information and then don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions.
  6. Electric heating baseboards are usually V.
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  • Hook up line voltage thermostat, line voltage thermostats for heating & cooling
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