Yakima hook up bike rack, yakima holdup hitch rack reviewed

Yakima HookUp Vehicle Rack Review
Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack Reviewed
Stress-free convenience
  1. Suffice to say, I sometimes regret having installed a hitch in the first place.
  2. The integrated cable lock is further deterrent, and the rack locks to the crossbars.
  3. However, these can be screwed back in more tightly if an issue arises.
  4. For me the pros outweigh the negatives.
  5. Many are impressed with how naturally it mounts on their Jeep Wranglers, looking almost like another part of the car.
  6. Hollywood Racks manufactures racks for bike parking, spare tires, trunks, and hitches.

The first step is to fold the front wheel tray back over the rack. Easy to get bikes on and off. Baker side country in Washington. Quick-release mounting hardware fits most crossbars. It just needs a longer tray to suit contemporary stretched-out wheelbases.

Competitive Cyclist
Yakima Infolookup

With no plastic to fade and crack it still looks shiny and new. Shop Over A Thousand Brands. The bottom of my tailgate just barely hits a small outward portion on the main support.

CHINOOK - Swagman

With easily replaceable bits and pieces I didn't worry when someone backed into it and bent a bar. If you have a sleek yet reliable Jeep bike rack, you can easily stash your bike no matter where the road takes you. If I do, best free dating it's totally fine.

Yakima hookup

Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack Reviewed

Covered with a powder-coated paint, the Sparetime is known for its unique looks. Maybe you already have God-knows-what mounted up back there. While technology has changed the world around us, bikes have remained largely the same. Fancy a cold one after a long day of riding?

Get the gear out of the seats, and get more butts in them. If the hook is set to the right wheel size, the knob halfway down the hoop arm will snap into a catch on the hook arm and form an X. Some users have reported issues with loose screws on the metal plate. It comes with a hitch lock which is a big plus.

Turn the dial on the head of the rack until it clicks to tighten the small hoop against the tire and secure the bike. So if your rack collapses after jury rigging it to your class I hitch, don't expect any sort of compensation for damages! Install is simple, loading and unloading is a piece of cake, bikes ride securely, and a built-in bottle opener opens bottles.

The downside is that, depending on your vehicle, dating a you may have very limited access to the rear. The arms rattle when folded down. The ride is better when the folks we love are pedaling along. The cradle rack is great when watersports are just one of your favorite activities. Simply tilt down with the conveniently located UpperHand lever.

Yakima Thule and 1Up battle for crossbar dominance

Its beefed-up arm pivot makes it stronger than ever and the side-to-side adjustability reduces the chance for bike-to-bike interference. Yakima also makes storage solutions for kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and camping. And the spring-loaded base automatically adjusts to boat when loading.

  • FrontLoader Friends will double-take when they see our most versatile, aerodynamic bike mount on your car.
  • Also, I could probably lift the gate with one bike on if I placed the bike in the rack farther out.
  • Yes, this review probably took about a year longer than Yakima had hoped it would, but the good news is the rack has passed with flying colors.
  • Before I started using the Yakima HoldUp hitch rack, I had been seeing them around town, in varying aesthetic states but obviously well loved.
  • There are two immediate pros for me using this rack.

Let's say I want to put groceries in my trunk. Installation is a breeze with the new AutoPin and locking SpeedKnob. So when I saw this Fourtimer, which holds twice the number of bikes at the same cost? Bike racks come in many versions these days. Unfortunately, the flag flew off at highway speeds on our second use.

This is not your average bike rack. With the rear wheel tray holding the folded front wheel piece down, the ratcheting hook is then closed on the rear wheel tray. Hoist the bike onto the tray and roll it forward until the front tire rests on the big hoop. Or was the issue where the screw at the end of the receiver extension falls out or was never installed and the bike mounts loosen and wiggle off? Whether you're traveling with a crew or just your bestie, the FourTimer's outer arm gives you the option to use it as a two- or four-bike rack.

The extension mounts to the base rack by sliding into the center column and bolting in. Today, the company deals in all things bicycles, including trunk and hitch parts, trailers, folding bikes, roofs, and carriers. Get the gear out of the car, get more friends in it. To take the bike off, simply push down on each arm to relieve pressure on the ratchet while pulling up on the red lever. However, for that disadvantage, many types of bikes can fit on these arms.

The two trays attach to the main support with simple bolts, then the rack simply slides into your hitch and uses a single large bolt to secure it to the vehicle. The support arms can collapse, there are tie-down straps for secure bike transport, the bike cradles are made of rubber to avoid scratching the bike, birmingham and the rack comes pre-assembled. Fenders and front racks do present challenges. This bike rack actually doubles as a bottle opener.

If you look at the picture, you would think that the hook would be long enough to still hold the front bike in place, right? You can lift your bike onto the rack at this point, and then roll it forward into the hook. One of the best parts of this bike rack is how it can be used on other vehicles besides the Jeep Wrangler. Brands like Kuat and even Rocky Mounts have a better market share for high-end racks.

Yakima hookup

Yakima Sparetime Bike Rack. If you often ride in tandem, the Yakima Sparetime Bike Rack will keep both bikes secure no matter how bumpy the road ahead. Yakima can help with all three. With this done, push the hook arm forward until it stops.

Because of this access to the rear was awkward when the rack was down. The next issue, and one that persists to this day due to laziness, is the release pin. There is a bit of play where the hitch mounted part of the rack connects to the hinging part of the rack, whereas other higher prices options have a more stable overall feel, but I am ok with it. Then, holding the rear of the bike to keep it from falling, lift the small hoop until it contacts the front tire behind the fork. The locking pin somehow worked its way loose and would allow the bikes to fall, with the back of the rack hitting the ground.

Yakima Hookup 2-Bike 2 Inch - Yakima Bike Rack

Versus Rooftop Rumble

Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Spare Tire Carrier

The Best Bike Racks for Jeep Wranglers
The Yakima Hookup 2-Bike 2 Inch

When you get the two-bike add-on, it comes with a secondary pin bottom red thing to bolster the spring loaded pin that comes with the standard unit. The first issue we ran into was a slightly out of adjustment bolt which caused the HoldUp to drop down into the lowered position with two bikes on board. The whole process takes less than a minute for any bike.

Yakima HoldUp EVO Hitch Rack

No tools needed to mount to any bar type makes it simple to install. That universal adapter plate indeed does live up to its name. This meant that I had to lean into the back from the side while leaning over the tray. Baker Experience the thrill of skiing the Mt. SkyBox Get your friends in the car and your gear into a SkyBox.

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  • Yakima hook up bike rack, yakima holdup hitch rack reviewed
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